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HRC / Level 2 Fabrics: DuPont Protera -

HRC Level 2 DuPont Protera is a lightweight, flame resistant fabric compliant to NFPA 70E. Inherently FR, Protera is a favorite in the arc rated clothing industry.

Arc Protection DuPont Protera® DuPont USA

NFPA 70E-compliant Protera® fabric provides electric arc protection for ... More Arc Protection with Protera® Fabric ... DUPONT PRODUCTS & SERVICES.

Flame Resistant Nomex® DuPont DuPont India

Ok. Home > All Products & Services Categories > Personal Protective Equipment > Flame Resistant Clothing > Nomex® Brand · Home > ... Arc Flash Protection.

Arc Flash Clothing: 25 cal/cm² - Cementex

This series of arc flash clothing is inherently flame resistant. ... Coat features double front closure with Dupont® Nomex® Velcro® safety flap and FR Zipper Tape...

PetroWear Liners - NASCO Industries

Download the ArcWear Liners Product Guide ... Materials available include Polartec(TM) fleece made from DuPont's Nomex and Protera as well as 3M's FR...

DuPont Tempro® Technical Data Sheet

thermal hazards such as electric arc flash or industrial fire. To address the ... such as DuPont Nomex® or DuPont Protera®, DuPont ... Customer Service:.

Arc Flash Protection DuPont Protera® DuPont USA

In response, DuPont created Protera® fabric for arc flash protection. Protera® offers NFPA 70E ... DUPONT PRODUCTS & SERVICES. Nomex® MHP Arc Flash...

Workrite Page 3 - Western Safety Products

Each of our garments is labeled with an arc rating which falls into one of the four HRC's. So you'll .... Fire service station wear .... Protera is made by DuPont.

FR Clothing Nomex ® DuPont United Kingdom

Arc Protection; DPT_Nomex_Photo_Oil & Gas_Content ... Medical Services) wear, stationwear and accessories made of DuPont Nomex® fibre for protection.

SafeSPEC Nomex® Apparel Catalogue

NOMEX® was developed by a DuPont research team seeking a fiber which ... to determine what its current level of flame resistance or arc protection value is, .... Are garments made of Protera® more expensive than FR cotton garments? ... at an impeccable service level with origins clearly traceable through the value chain.

Find DuPont Products DuPont South Africa

Results 1 - 30 of 165 ... The DuPont Arc-Guide helps companies understand and manage an electrical hazard that is deadly, yet gets frequently overlooked.

Request a Sample for Use in Flame Retardant Clothing Westex by ...

Non FR Industrial Work Clothing Fabrics; Westex G2; Westex ShieldCXP; Westex® DH; DuPont Nomex® IIIA; DuPont Nomex® MHP; DuPont Protera...

DuPont Protera®

DuPont Protera® is one of the lightest weight NFPA 70E Category 2 ... Customer Service: Canada ... Arc Thermal Performance ATPV (cal/cm2) ASTM F1959.

Arc Flash Performance Nomex® and Protera® DuPont USA

DuPont Nomex® fiber and Protera® fabric provide excellent arc flash ... Home > All Products & Services Categories > Personal Protective Equipment > Flame...

DuPont Protera

DuPont Protera. Electric Arc Flash ... Electric arc flashes occur when substantial electric current passes through ionized air. ... Customer Service: Canada...

Elvex WELCUARC7BASIC Flash-Pro Basic Head-Face Arc ...

National Safety Apparel KIT2CVPR08BLG09 ArcGuard DuPont Protera Arc Flash Kit with ... Manufacturer's warranty can be requested from customer service.

DuPont Protera Nomex Kevlar - National Safety Apparel

DuPont Protera® offers the inherent protection of DuPont Nomex® brand ... Protera® fabric helps deliver the right level of arc flash protection for the job and...

DuPont Protera® FAQs DuPont USA

Home > All Products & Services Categories > Personal Protective Equipment ... What does DuPont suggest as a solution against electric arc hazards? ... Protera® fabric is a high-tech product with inherent heat and flame protection properties.

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