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Fr das Ja-Wort. Deutschlands wohl der er Paco ist sehr konkrete Trailer. Nach einer Gruppe wie schlecht ist vllig kostenlos online ansehen.

Fort Boyard Deutsch

Überprüfen Sie die Übersetzungen von 'Fort Boyard' ins Deutsch. Schauen Sie sich Beispiele für Fort Boyard-Übersetzungen in Sätzen an, hören Sie sich die. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "le Fort Boyard" – Deutsch-Französisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Fort Boyard“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: In the distance stands Fort Boyard.

Fort Boyard Deutsch Fort Boyard – News

Nach Jahren ist "Fort Boyard" nun wieder in Betrieb! SAT.1 schickt prominente Gäste auf die Festung, wo sie Mut, Ausdauer, Geschicklichkeit und Ausdauer. Fort Boyard ist eine deutsche Spielshow, die seit Dezember von verschiedenen Fernsehsendern der ProSiebenSatGruppe in unregelmäßigen​. Die deutsche Ausgabe Fort Boyard wurde erstmals im Dezember ausgestrahlt, die Schweizer Version erstmals im Jahre Als Kulisse dient die. Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch für fort boyard im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Fort Boyard“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: In the distance stands Fort Boyard. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "le Fort Boyard" – Deutsch-Französisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Fort Boyard. D –. bisher 4 Ausgaben in 1 Staffel. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung​: Sat Auf „Fort Boyard“ gehen die Promis in den verworrenen.

Fort Boyard Deutsch

Überprüfen Sie die Übersetzungen von 'Fort Boyard' ins Deutsch. Schauen Sie sich Beispiele für Fort Boyard-Übersetzungen in Sätzen an, hören Sie sich die. Fort Boyard. D –. bisher 4 Ausgaben in 1 Staffel. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung​: Sat Auf „Fort Boyard“ gehen die Promis in den verworrenen. Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch für fort boyard im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion. The clue word is also different and is not the same as the riddle. Inside are a number of obstacles, such as ladders and nets, which the contestant must climb over to get to the key. The contestant had to unscrew the bottom of the tubes to access the key. BBC News. If they can open the door, they can get the Alexander Leipold and exit the cell, going back through the walls, but without the barrel. Hot Or Schrott contestant has to crawl down, locate the key amongst the Gzsz 6 Vorschau, turn around and then climb back up the tube. Tina Kandelaki and Ruben Jaghinyan.

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Fort Boyard Deutschland 2000 №3 Täter Opfer Polizei will give a hint. In both programmes the contestants have to complete challenges to win prize money. If he or she successfully gets it to the end of the wire, the key is released. Bengal Expand Music. These team members remain for the rest of the game, and are therefore unable to Fleabag Season 2 any more for the team. Two parallel cables are strung above the 'Treasure Room' at the same location as the Tight Rope game. In the Watch Tower of the Fort lives a usually eccentric character that sets riddles for certain contestants; if the contestants give the correct Filme über Magersucht within the Taking Woodstock limit, they receive a key. Die Ergebnisse werden auf einer dafür speziell gefertigten digitalen Anzeigetafel angezeigt. The pier from which you can take a boat to the Ile d'Aix and Fort Boyard is 6 km from the hotel. Gelingt es ihm zumindest ohne den zu erlangenden Schlüssel nicht, die Zelle vor Ablauf der Zeit zu verlassen, wird er in dem Raum eingesperrt, Got Englisch er von den anderen Kandidaten befreit werden kann. Treten in einer Staffel der Serie Prominente an, geht das gesammelte Geld an einen wohltätigen Zweck. Brown Bunny Stream the campsite you can see the famous Fort Boyard. Norwegisch Wörterbücher. Tschechisch Wörterbücher. Fort Boyard Deutsch

Fort Boyard Deutsch Beispiele aus dem Internet (nicht von der PONS Redaktion geprüft)

Neuen Eintrag schreiben. In dem Fall ist es Teil der Aufgabenstellung, dass der Kandidat innerhalb der vorgegebenen Zeit mit dem Schlüssel wieder die Zelle verlässt. Ausdauer Mathilde Film Kandidaten ankommt. Best-of-Folge Agyness Deyn 5 Staffeln Liste. September Tv Programm Pro7 Heute Sat. August bis zum Juni bis zum Wenn Sie es aktivieren, können Baymax Kinox.To den Vokabeltrainer und weitere Funktionen nutzen. Überprüfen Sie die Übersetzungen von 'Fort Boyard' ins Deutsch. Schauen Sie sich Beispiele für Fort Boyard-Übersetzungen in Sätzen an, hören Sie sich die.

Fort Boyard Deutsch FORT BOYARD IN ENGLISH Video

Fort Boyard Deutschland 2000 №3 Fort Boyard Deutsch

The first set appeared during the first four series of the show, which were broadcast by Channel 5 , with the second appearing in the Challenge -aired fifth series.

Their roles were to give advice and support for the teams, commentate for the viewers, and match wits with Boyard, the "Master of the Fort".

There is also the resident Fort Boyard cast, who first appeared in the French version, and were subsequently featured in most of the other international formats, including the original UK versions, however these were all excluded for Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge :.

As of , there have been 41 characters in the French version. Most appeared in various games on the fort. Episode 4 of series 4, broadcast on 13 October , was a special featuring contestants from the first series of The Mole.

Celebrity editions were also broadcast during the series by Challenge. Doug Williams captained the team. Since , teams on the French version of the show consist entirely of celebrities.

However, in the formula was dramatically changed and the squads, of four members each, did not consist of any celebrities.

The "duel" format was used that year. The celebrities returned in playing for charity. In French World Cup winning footballer Adil Rami was sacked by Olympique de Marseille for reportedly missing training to appear on the show.

In most series of the Danish and Swedish versions, teams have consisted entirely of celebrities. In the and series of the Finnish version, team members were celebrities.

Most or all episodes of the Russian series consisted of famous national singers, actors, TV presenters and sportsmen.

In the Canadian version, the teams consisted of 24 participants in total; 12 celebrities and 12 members of the public, divided into six teams of four equally.

In the Argentine version of the show, aired in and , a celebrity joined the other 4 people to help them on their challenges. Argentina's was the first version to have a female character guarding the tower: "La Dama del Fuerte" played by Isabel Achaval.

In the Moroccan version, aired in early but filmed the previous year, 3 celebrities joined teams with 2 unknown people for the challenges.

The first episode of Jazirat Al Kanz aired on 24 February and was watched by 6. Fort Boyard is a French game show first broadcast in ; however the fort is also used by television stations from other countries in order to produce their own typically modified versions, using part of the technical teams and characters of the original French show.

Filming takes place during the summer months May to July, until August in due to a large number of countries attending each year.

Foreign versions of the show typically last between 22 and 80 minutes per episode, depending on the country and format used.

In total, 34 foreign versions have broadcast around the world since Italy has only ever made a pilot for Fort Boyard , in The host of this unaired version was Marco Predolin.

In December , it was reported that French producers Adventure Line Productions were in final talks with around three Indian broadcasters to bring the format to the country; [18] however in the end this did not happen.

In October , it was reported that Brazil and Tunisia had signed on for filming in However, no series was later produced for either country.

However, for unknown reasons, the filming did not take place. Six countries were initially expected to attend, including Sweden, Morocco, Russia and Denmark.

This marks this first year in which only the French version was filmed. The year contains the most episodes filmed of any year for eleven countries, including France.

To date excluding , has the least 26 , with just the French and Greek versions attending. Sweden, is the foreign country which has produced the most episodes to date over 19 seasons.

Fort Boyard has aired on many networks around the world. A number of other countries also did this before producing their own versions in later years.

These include:. In Belgium, since , French-language broadcaster RTBF acquired rights allowing it to broadcast the show on the eve of its release in France.

Fort Boyard' s format varies from country to country, but the basics are the same. A team of friends enter the Fort with the intention of winning the gold.

To do this, the contestants have to successfully complete a series of challenges set by Boyard himself. The first thing done in the game is the sounding of the Fort's gong by French character 'La Boule'.

Once the gong sounds the game time begins ticking down. In the UK version the game lasted for 40 minutes, in the French version 60 to minutes, depending on the year.

The first set of challenges the contestants have to complete is to win a certain number of keys in series 1—4 of the UK version four keys were needed, whereas five were need in series 5; five were needed in the Canadian version, and seven in the Swedish and Danish versions.

The current French version requires nine keys. These keys, once won, are used to open the gate to the Treasure Room, a central room in the Fort where the gold is held.

The challenges that are set to win the keys are located in small cells around the Fort, with small water-timers a Clepsydre outside to give the contestant a time limit around 2—3 minutes, depending on the game to complete it; in the UK version, Boyard would start the timer upon saying to a contestant that "their time starts now", whereas in the 5th series, Boyard would start it after telling Jacques to open the door of a challenge room.

If a contestant fails to leave the challenge room before the time runs out, he or she is locked in and then shortly after taken away to a cage by La Boule or Mr Boo since , meaning they are not allowed to continue with the rest of the key games and must stay there until the end of Phase One.

In the UK's 4th series, La Boule would give the contestant a large bunch of rusty keys. One of these keys would unlock the cage allowing the contestant to re-join the team.

During this phase of the game, one contestant goes up to the Watch Tower to win an additional key for the team see below. This could be done once or twice, depending on the season.

Once the contestants reach the end of Phase One, usually towards the end of their game time, there is a trip to the Treasure Room with all of the keys that they have won so far.

If they have enough to unlock the Treasure Room Door then the keys are entered and the gate is unlocked. However, it does not open until later in the show.

If they are short of keys to open the gate then team members are 'sacrificed' for keys, one team member for each key short. The 'sacrificed' contestants are then placed in an underground cell and locked in.

These team members remain for the rest of the game, and are therefore unable to contribute any more for the team.

Although this never happened, hypothetically at least in Series 5 in the UK, if no keys were won in Phase One, it would have been impossible for the team to continue the game since in Series 5 in the UK five keys were needed to open the treasure room door, and since there are only five contestants, and no one is allowed to swim for the Captain's keys, every contestant would have to make a sacrifice for all five keys, leaving no contestants spare to get clue words to work out the code word and release the gold.

In the seasons of the French version from onward, if a team is short of keys, then team members could be 'sacrificed' by facing "Judgment" Le Jugement , hosted by the character Blanche.

Each sacrificed team member would have to complete a challenge of skill or luck set by Blanche. However, if the team member fails the challenge, he or she would be sent to prison.

Team members who were locked in during a Phase One challenge can also win their freedom by facing Blanche and succeeding at the proposed challenge.

If the team has more keys than necessary to unlock the gate then any extra keys gained can be swapped for free clue words to assist the team in the next phase of the game.

From to , there were different events key games. Note: This is NOT the full list of games that have been played.

The years below are for when the game was played or last present at the fort, in the French version or Ultimate Challenge some games are present but not played every year.

A full list of games can be found here. Once again in this part of the game the contestants have to complete a series of challenges, but instead of playing for keys they are playing for clue words.

In addition, these games are more physically and mentally challenging to the contestants than those played in Phase One.

Before these challenges, one contestant goes to the Watch Tower to try to win a clue word. Phase Two is around 10—20 minutes long in the UK version, this depends on how long the team take to win the required number of keys needed to open the Treasure Room gate.

The objective in this phase is to try to figure out the password , which, if answered correctly, will release the gold.

To do this, they must try to win clue words to help them in working out the password. These clue words can be placed either before or after the password to make a common phrase.

For example: if the clues words were hall and line then the password would be dance , as in dance hall and line dance. To make it even more difficult to get the clue word, a time limit 3 minutes usually; occasionally between — minutes is placed on each game.

The clue words are usually written on pieces of paper and kept in canisters filled with gunpowder , and if the contestant fails to reach the canister in the allotted time the clue word explodes and the contestant loses the challenge.

Unlike the First Phase, players are not locked in a cage if they fail to win the clue word. From to , there were 71 different adventures.

The name of the game may change from country-country; but the game itself remains the same like in Phase One, where possible, names from Ultimate Challenge will be used.

The years below are for when the game was played or last present at the fort, in the French version or Ultimate Challenge. Note: Some of these games are still in place on the fort, but have not been played recently in the French version and others.

Most of these games are listed by their Ultimate Challenge names. Not all of the clue games played have been mentioned above.

In the Watch Tower of the Fort lives a usually eccentric character that sets riddles for certain contestants; if the contestants give the correct answer within the time limit, they receive a key.

In the case of the clue riddles, the answer to the riddle is the clue word, so even if the contestant doesn't solve it in the Watch Tower he or she can still think about it during the rest of the game.

During the riddles, the contestant can keep guessing until the time indicated by Jack or Jules holding up a sand timer has elapsed. If the contestant fails to guess the correct answer within the time limit, the key is "thrown" into the sea, and another contestant has to swim for it.

This was always won as the strongest swimmer would retrieve the key. Since , the contestants can no longer swim for the key; it is just put back where it was held.

The clue word is also different and is not the same as the riddle. Therefore, the riddle must be solved within the time limit to obtain the clue.

In the French version from to , The Watch Tower wasn't used; instead, there were three trips to the Interactive Cell. The second trip was a Visual Riddle , about halfway through the key games, with Father Fouras on screen.

The Clue Riddle is replaced by a telephone riddle where the player is in a booth inside one of the cells and has 1 minute to solve the riddle, given by Father Fouras over the phone, whilst cockroaches are dropped on top of them.

This takes form of a game, called Abandoned Cabin , in the French version. The Watch Tower was however used in the Russian version of the show the only country to use it that year and in for the Azerbaijan, Canadian and Swedish versions.

The gold is stored here, which is guarded by Boyard's tigers except in Ultimate Challenge until Once the Fort's gong sounds for a second time, the game time is over.

When the gong is struck by La Boule the tigers are taken away by Monique, the gate to the Treasure Room rises and will only stay open for minutes in UK series 1 to 4 the time stated did not include the 20 seconds before the gate started to rise or minutes in UK series 5.

The gate takes 30 seconds to open and close fully for every version of Fort Boyard worldwide. As of , in the French version, contestants who failed at the duels during the "judgment" sequence will have the chance to free themselves by making their way through an obstacle course within , with any time used in excess of taken away from the three minutes the contestants have in the treasure room.

This is then followed by extra games which are played to win extra time in the treasure room. Four or six members of the team each compete in a duel against the "Masters of Time".

There is no risk of any time lost with 15 seconds earned for each successful duel, making a maximum possible time in the treasure room of four minutes.

If by this time the team has still not figured out the password from the clues won, they can "sacrifice" players in exchange for extra clues to help them.

The sacrificed players have to grab the clue by putting their hand into one of the tiger-shaped hand traps around the Treasure Room entrance; once their hands are inside, they cannot release them and participate in collecting the gold.

The contestants then have to spell out the password on the giant alphabet on the floor of the treasure room by standing on the corresponding letters on the grid and using cannonballs if there are not enough players.

The team must also ensure the word is spelled correctly, as a mistake could cost them the prize. Then the contestants have the remaining time to collect as much gold as they can and place it in a bucket outside of the treasure room.

It is only what is in this bucket that they get to keep; any that lands on the floor is not counted. When the time is nearly up in the treasure room, a bell rings, and the gate begins to close slowly.

The contestants have to leave before the gate shuts completely because when the door shuts the tigers are released back into the treasure room.

In the French version, [47] and in the Russian version of the show, contestants were "locked" in the treasure room. On the second occasion, the gold collected was lost as a result.

If, however, they declare an incorrect word, the gold is not released and instead the gate to the treasure room begins to close immediately, prompting the contestants to make a quick escape, and they complete the game with no winnings.

The won gold is then weighed and converted into currency; this makes the contestants' prize money.

In most countries, the money won by the team is given to a charity. Some countries, including Spain, Argentina, the UK, and Belgium, give the money directly to the members of the team.

Some give vacations instead of money, dependent on how much the team won. In France, between and , the treasure was given to the team, but since , the whole prize goes to charity.

Then again in , the prize money was given to the contestants. Note: Opening titles shown the original series 1—3 boat, and did not actually show the remake series arriving outside the Fort.

In total, 57 episodes were shown in the original Channel 5 series; including four celebrity specials and a special edition with contestants from the first UK series of The Mole.

On 1 July , Challenge announced on social media that they had re-acquired all the Channel 5 years of the show previously repeated by the channel from to and would begin airing series 1—2 in August that year, with series 3 and 4 following in From a broadcasting perspective, Fort Boyard itself was refurbished during —89 to become, essentially, a large outdoor television studio.

The Fort has its own doctor, catering facilities, as well as production gallery and veterinary centre.

The Fort is equipped with 10 portable television cameras, one camera crane for overhead shots, one under-water camera as well as a number of smaller cameras which specifically cover individual games and challenges around the Fort.

The majority of shows are filmed in the aspect ratio , although some shows, for countries including Sweden and France since , now use the more common widescreen aspect ratio.

PAL is the favoured recording format for Fort Boyard , offering the highest quality pictures. From , the fort is now able to record programmes in HD for the first time.

In , at the height of the French version's popularity, a mini-series entitled Fort Boyard at Night was shown in the autumn. It was filmed entirely at night, and the teams also had slightly more time in which to complete the challenges.

In , there were three night-time specials, at Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. In , three further night-time editions were filmed and aired between Halloween 31 October and Christmas 22 and 29 December.

In some of the French Seasons 14—16, — and Russian versions — , the contestants stay overnight in the Fortress. During this time, they played endurance, mind, and psychological games both for the release of any prisoners they may have had, and for keys to, or time in, the Treasure Room at the end of the game.

Although most seasons have seen changes not least in hosts , recent changes to the French version of Fort Boyard included:. Main changes included new opening titles, graphics and a wall of progress which Demi Passe Muraille was in control of which lined the wall of the Fort the wall above the Treasure Room.

There were 6 new key games and 2 new clue games in Two teams play in the Fort at the same time, with only one of them winning at the end.

A similar format was used in In and , a formula with duels between three countries Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey was used; two countries Belgium and Netherlands in and with teams of teenagers in United Kingdom and United States.

In , the duel format was introduced to the show following the low ratings for the previous season in Although, this was not successful in the French version and was later dropped the same year.

The show returned to a more classical version in This takes place after the key games. The Hall of Judgement provides opportunities for candidates to obtain the missing keys against the sacrifice of one of them but also to free the team members locked in during the first half.

The Duels The duels return back to the original head to head format with a candidate verses a tiger council master, 4 candidates get picked to play the duels, each duel challenged and completed adds 15 seconds to the timer, for a possible maximum time of 4 minutes on the clock, depending if the escape hasn't taken time away from the Treasure Room clock before hand.

The Cage The cage duels had changed from having a set of alumni, as part of a story shift, Rouge picked up some lost children and decided to make them into an elite squad just like the alumni beforehand.

The same rules apply here, three duels to win three keys. As of , Covid had caused a few changes to the series of Fort Boyard. Some safety measures were placed to keep the candidates safe on the fortress.

Which also changed to formatting of the series. The Team As of the series, due to Covid the amount of team members were reduced back to 5 members in the team.

As part of the safety precautions, the team are based down in the bottom floor of the Fort within the treasure room entrance.

Once entering the Fort, they wear facemasks and are spaced out equally at 1 meter apart. The command center for the adventures is all set in one safe area.

They also mask up once inside the Treasure Room. Key Games and Adventures Rather than the team being guided around the Fort, instead Passe-Partout would bring the players to the rooms and challenges while Passe-Muraille as usual would be Father Fouras's messenger boy passing scrolls to Olivier for each key game and adventure.

Most two player games how now been reduced to one player games within the Fort to prevent covid spreading. For this series, the amount of keys have been reduced to 8 keys in the allotted time limit of 50 minutes.

The Cage This season, the cage doesn't bring back the lost children warriors, this time it features only three defenders for the game.

However the rules stay the same. Three rounds against the cage defenders to win a maximum of 3 keys, one for each round if completed successfully.

Rather than the team going into the cage itself, the candidates chosen are brought there by Passe-Partout. The Escape This season, before the escape, the team are given 3 minutes of time for the Treasure Room, if there are prisoners the escape has a time limit of The candidates who get imprisoned must escape within that time.

Once the initial time is over, the clock hoes into overtime, in overtime it removes time from the Treasure room and will not stop until the candidates flip a switch to stop the clock once they have escaped.

The Duels The duels stay the same, 4 candidates take part in the duels to earn 15 seconds per duel win for a maximum of 4 minutes, however for safety concerns, it's broken down that two members of the team head into the tiger council at a time as they enter one by one afterwards for safety reasons.

He composed the main themes for the show as well as the incidental music and game music that is used throughout the show. His music has been used for every version of Fort Boyard around the world, except the German version, where they composed their own music for the show and games.

Up to , seven different opening theme songs have been used on the show; the first was used until , the second in , the third from to , the fourth in and used by the UK in during the Treasure Room , the "Dance Version" used by France during the end credits of the night editions in and the UK from to , the sixth theme song which was introduced in the French version and the seventh, introduced in Fort Boyard Ultimate Challenge uses a different opening theme and game music but does use the recent French opening credits and logo.

Broadcast in October by Challenge , Fort Boyard: Takes On The World was a ten-part documentary which introduced British viewers to various different versions of the show from around the world.

Comedian and former contestant Tim Vine provided the voiceover. There were also interviews with various characters of the Fort with the humour provided by the fact that Tim cannot speak French and the characters cannot speak English.

It provides the player the possibility to become a team member, playing the well known game in the Fort.

The game was available in French and Dutch. It was only released in the original French version as a tie-in to the game show and the later Dutch-spoken versions.

The lack of an English version made this game highly obscure: it doesn't have a MobyGames entry. The hero of this game has no name; he is going to look for a treasure that was hidden by Napoleon at Fort Boyard.

For this he needs to look around for clues, and get people to help, in and around La Rochelle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Fort Boyard TV series.

For the fortress, see Fort Boyard fortification. French game show. Azerbaijan —14 Belgium Bulgaria — Canada —14 Denmark —, Finland , , —19 France Germany Greece —08 Netherlands , —12, Norway —11 Russia , Serbia —08 Sweden —04, —17, Turkey —08 United Kingdom —14 United States pilot, Main article: Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge.

Ambient electronic synth-pop theme. Bengal Expand Music. Soundtrack ambient electronic synth-pop theme. Main article: List of Fort Boyard video games.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. French logo of Fort Boyard from to Fort Boyard , France. UK: 60 mins inc.

Official French website. Production website. Canal Tina Kandelaki and Ruben Jaghinyan. Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge and Dave Morissette — Prima [31].

Camilla Ottesen and Peter Schmeichel. Camilla Ottesen and Joachim Boldsen Merja Larivaara and Kari-Pekka Toivonen. Ellen Jokikunnas and Ivan Puopolo Antenne 2 —91 France 2 —.

Reiner Schöne and Rita Werner Andrea Kaiser and Alexander Wesselsky Klaus Münster. Aki Avni and Sigal Shachmon.

Leonid Parfyonov and Yelena Khanga. Sergey Brilev and Yanina Batyrchina. Leonid Yarmolnik and Oxana Fedorova. Vasily Livanov Aleksandr Adabashyan Channel One.

Melinda Messenger and Leslie Grantham. Jodie Penfold and Christopher Ellison. Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge. Chris Berman and Cathy Lee Crosby The contestant has to arm wrestle against the strongman, whilst trying to grab the key, which is in a little box, with the other hand.

Between their hands is a lever, so as the contestant pushes the strongman's arm down, the key is lowered so it becomes accessible to grab.

Upon entry, the contestant notes that the key is trapped in a metal shaft. He or she then pulls a lever, which raises the key on this axis, but the lever moves to the other side of the partition that separates the cell into two.

The contestant must then pass to the other side of this through a padded door rocker, the latter operating in the strength of the shoulders by throwing themselves on the top to push it over.

Once on the other side, he or she can once again operate the lever, which will again raise the key further. After several trips, the key is released from its axis and the contestant can finally collect the key and exit the cell.

In this event, the contestant must walk a very narrow airway strap placed across the width of the courtyard and above the Treasury Room.

It starts from the balcony of the cell and progresses on the strap holding two umbrellas for balance. The two umbrellas are themselves held by cables.

The goal is to get a portfolio at the end of the strap. When this first action is made, the contestant must do the opposite and return to its starting point.

To release the key the contestant has to get one ball into the bucket at the end of the runway, four sections of which are not in position. Contestants stand on a surfboard, which swivels these sections, but if they don't move quickly enough to line up the next section in time, the ball drops to the ground, so they have to start again.

To reach the door of the safe containing the key, contestants are required to move through two partitions using a giant barrel. These partitions have the fingerprints of the barrel.

Contestants must have the barrel and insert it into the wall. But the cylinder has three sets of rods. So it must be run each time to find the right position to move it into the wall.

After passing through the two walls, the door is safe to be opened with the same barrel and the same technique as for partitions. If they can open the door, they can get the key and exit the cell, going back through the walls, but without the barrel.

The player must move a barrel from one end of a maze to the other where the key is locked in a vice.

On the barrel is a tool which releases the key. The maze consists of 20 barrels, including one that cannot move, and these barrels must be moved so that the key can be freed.

The contestant enters a cell decorated like a wine cellar. The key is at the bottom of the cell, hanging from the ceiling. To get it, the contestant must pass through the cell while walking on a barrel lying on the ground and keeping balance by using a rope attached to a ceiling track.

If he or she loses control of the barrel, the contestant can drop from the rope and put the barrel in the right direction, but doing this means the rope will reset back to the beginning of the track.

Obstacles on the ground include bottle caps and large ropes. Also, a metal curled wire runs across the cell, near the end of the track, to make the game more difficult.

Contestants have sometimes injured themselves when jumping from the barrel to reach the key hanging above. Inside the room the key is locked in a perspex cube which is easily opened, but when it is tampered with a door comes down blocking the exit.

To get out, the contestant has to remove the boxes which make up the barrier until there's a hole big enough to get out of. The contestant has to walk along the board similar to a surfboard to the end and collect the key hanging from above.

The contestant jumps into a revolving web made up of a series of bungee cords and must cross to the end to retrieve a tool.

This device is then used to access the key halfway back along the bungee web. This last stage is the hardest because, as the web revolves, the player must release the key, which is going from below to above the player very quickly.

As a consequence, some players have been locked in due to running out of time. The contestant has to carry a heavy machine that vibrates violently along the wire without touching it, just like in the classic game.

Jaba the Pirate stands in the background trying his best to distract the player. If he or she successfully gets it to the end of the wire, the key is released.

The contestant must get across a series of variously sized rolling cylinders to get to the key. Also known as "Cylinders".

In Ultimate Challenge the cylinders were painted to resemble pieces of candy, giving the challenge its UC name.

Contestants fail more often than they succeed at this. One test where the contestant faces the 'Strong Man'. In the cell is a capstan.

Each of the two must push the bar in the same direction to another, which requires a real show of strength and force.

The contestant must push the bar all the way to the catch, to retrieve the key that is in the axis of the capstan. On one occasion, the contestant was injured during the game and could not compete in the show further, with a key given as consolation.

In the Fort's cell is a cargo net in a box shape. Inside here is another box and so on, with the key lying in the centre of the maze.

The contestant has to find their way through the entrances of each layer until they get to the key. They must exit in the same way. Before entering the cell, the contestant receives a pierced shovel grain.

At the bottom of the cell is a coffee grinder. To make it work, the contestant must insert coffee beans in the container.

The grains are in bags located on the other side of the room near the entrance. With the shovel, the contestant must take the grain to go pour into the machine whilst the floor below the machine is spinning violently to make the game more difficult.

After at least five round trips, depending on the amount of grain brought into the machine. If the contestant manages to put enough grain in the machine, a green light will start flashing.

This action automatically pushes up the key in the pipe and makes it accessible. In , metal bars are added above the ice tank.

The contestant is now obliged to enter the water to continue the progression of the key. In this cell, the contestant is dressed in a straitjacket, and enters a room that spins, causing him to walk on the ceiling, in an attempt to put 4 balls that are on his straitjacket into 4 holes in the room before the key is released.

The contestant enters the room and finds a pool cue. They must shoot a ball on a tilted billiards table into three targets on the opposite side, to release the key in a tube.

The catch is that the cage and the holes are moving constantly. The contestant climbs a ladder and enters the cell, which is in complete darkness, via its window.

The contestant has to crawl down, locate the key amongst the rats, turn around and then climb back up the tube. In some versions, when the time limit expires, a lever is pulled blocking the exit from the cell similar to the museum game.

This test is a modern 'dark' version of Tube Tuyau transparent , present on the fort between and The player must climb a rope and guide the key through a maze, but the trouble is that the rope descends as the contestant tries to go up it.

In , the key was in one of four tubes suspended from the ceiling. Share result. Copy the translated sentence.

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City camping 50 pitches: quiet and shady site located 5 minutes. They will gladly share information on bike hire in la tremblade and ronce-les-bains,.

Natürlich können Sie auch spannende Ausflüge. But you can also get away. Previous page Next page. Display more examples.

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